The magnets we produce are used in your familiar environments such as automobiles, home appliances, housing equipment, and office equipment.

There are various types of magnets. Our injection-molded magnet is molded in a mold using a composite material made by kneading magnetic powder and a resin binder. It is also called a plastic magnet and has the following features.

Complex shapes

Monolithic molding with other parts

High dimensional accuracy

Impact resistance


Ferrite injection molded magnet

Strontium ferrite is used for the magnetic powder. 
It has good cost performance.

Rare earth injection molded magnet

A magnet that uses rare earth metals (neodymium and samarium) as magnetic powder.
Although it is more expensive than the ferrite type, it features high magnetic properties.

Injection molded magnet assembly

Injection molding magnet, metal parts, and resin (PPS, PBT, POM, PC, etc.) are integrally molded.
By doing this, there are advantages such as improved performance and accuracy, reduced man-hours, and prevention of cracking by press fitting.

Sintered/compression molded magnet assembly

We also handle insert molding of fragile magnets such as sintered and compression molded magnet.
We have extensive experience in automobiles and office automation equipment.

Material property Guide


・Rustproof ・Affordable
・Multi-pole magnetization available


Binder PA12 PPS
Br[mT][G] 291(2910)~217(2170) 269(2690)~232(2320)
HcB[kA/m][Oe] 183(2300)~167(2100) 175(2200)~159(2000)
HcJ[kA/m][Oe] 207(2600)~259(3250) 199(2500)~183(2300)
(BH)max[kJ/m3][MGOe] 16.6(2.08)~9.0(1.13) 14.3(1.8)~107(1.34)
Temperature coefficient (Br)[%/℃] -0.185
Heat distortion temperature [° C] 115~103 208~205
Density [g / cm3] 3.80~3.05 3.64~3.34



・High magnetic properties ・Hard to rust


Binder PA12
Br[mT][G] 810(8100)~600(6000)
HcB[kA/m][Oe] 533(6700)~430(5400)
HcJ[kA/m][Oe] 756(9500)~724(9100)
(BH)max[kJ/m3][MGOe] 115(14.4)~68(8.5)
Temperature coefficient (Br)[%/℃] -0.07
Heat distortion temperature [° C] 120~130
Density [g / cm3] 4.9~4.0




・High magnetic properties ・Easy to magnetize (Isotropic)
・Easy to rust. But progress to the inside is little


Binder PA12 PPS
Br[mT][G] 641(6410)~435(4350) 580(5800)
HcB[kA/m][Oe] 533(6700)~305(3850) 374(4700)
HcJ[kA/m][Oe] 395(4960)~748(9400) 696(8750)
(BH)max[kJ/m3][MGOe] 72.2(9.1)~33.4(4.2) 55.7(7.0)
Temperature coefficient (Br)[%/℃] -0.10
Heat distortion temperature [° C] 130~140 200
Density [g/cm3] 5.5~4.2 5.1




・High heat resistance

・Hard to rust even at high temperatures


Binder PA12 PPS
Br[mT][G] 685(6850)~480(4800) 592(5920)~416(4160)
HcB[kA/m][Oe] 478(6010)~364(4580) 414(5180)~325(4080)
HcJ[kA/m][Oe] 848(10660)~896(11260) 864(10860)~857(10770)
(BH)max[kJ/m3][MGOe] 87.5(11.0)~45.4(5.7) 64.8(8.1)~34.6(4.4)
Temperature coefficient (Br)[%/℃] -0.035
Heat distortion temperature [° C] 130~140 210~230
Density [g/cm3] 6.2~4.5 5.4~4.2






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